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The legendary narrative of transmigration tells the tale of myriad wandering souls, every one migrating from physique to physique alongside a direction of recurrence amid the changing into of the All.
In this hugely unique examine, James Luchte explores the ways that the concept that of transmigration is a primary motif in Pythagoras' philosophy, representing its primary which means. Luchte argues that the numerous strands of the story of transmigration come jointly within the Pythagorean philosophical stream, revealing a cohesion during which, for Pythagoreans, life and eschatology are separated basically through forgetfulness. Such an interpretation that seeks to retrieve the cohesion of Pythagorean proposal is going opposed to the grain of a long-standing culture of interpretation that initiatives upon Pythagoras the segregation of ‘mysticism' and ‘science'. Luchte lays out an alternate interpretation of Pythagorean philosophy as magical within the experience that it orchestrates a holistic harmonization of theoria and praxis and during this examining discloses the unconventional personality of Pythagorean philosophy.

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Download e-book for iPad: The Magical Mason: Forgotten Hermetic Writings of William by R. A. Gilbert

Paperback: 320 pages
Publisher: Aquarian Pr (June 1983)
Language: English
ISBN-10: 0850303737
ISBN-13: 978-0850303735
Product Dimensions: 7. eight x five. 1 x 1 inches

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It is not something moving the reason, directing the on will, setting the emotions fire it is reason, will and feeling exercising their most truly natural function the whole personality of man in contact with its Source and End, We are accustomed to say, in common religious parlance, : — that man has a deep hunger for God, and the phrase suggests a special capacity which cries out to find its fulfilment in God. by it ? Is it But what do we the heart of God, that man's of the Eternal anchorage in the three mind aches mean home in really not that man's heart cries for a for the light Reason, that man's will gropes for the faculties Divine will may ment towards God, ?

31 of MEANING AND VALUE OF MYSTICISM Fragmentary and this account is, purely suggestive value as of emphasises an important point it the continuity of spiritual with ordinary apprehen- The implication sion. is not, of course, that every person of good sense could exercise mystical apprehension if only he felt mystical apprehension so inclined, but that the the highest rung of a ladder is which reaches from common sense to ecstasy. " It is the Seeing of which all whole personality what is vital other seeing is but a shadowy type will in Bread Heaven and eternal, that eating of the ; which all Eucharistic celebrations While realised fully and explicitly by comparatively few, it is, in some degree, the property of all truly spiritual beings and the number of inarticulate mystics who have neither the gift of of of are only a pale copy.

What is the place of the con- templative and the active elements in the mystic life ? What is the relation of the mystic to the world of nature, of thought, To the and of social relationships ? these questions and to others arising therefrom succeeding chapters will attempt an answer, keeping in view throughout the meaning and value of Mysticism for the present day. 16 CHAPTER II THE NATURE OF MYSTIC APPREHENSION Within man is the soul of the Holy, the wise silence, the universal Beauty, the Eternal One.

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