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"And no surprise; for devil himself is remodeled into an angel of light." (2 Corinthians 11:14) Paul's caution of fake apostles and fake righteousness struck a unique chord within the interval of the eu Reformations. At no different time was once the necessity for the discernment of spirits felt as strongly as during this newly confessional age. greater than ever, the facility to parent used to be a mark of holiness and failure the manufactured from demonic temptation. The contributions to this quantity chart person responses to an issue on the middle of non secular id. They exhibit that the matter of discernment was once no longer exclusively a Catholic trouble and used to be a topic for authors and artists up to for prophets and visionaries.

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20 For example, the ninth canon of the Lambeth Council of 1281, drafted under Archbishop John Pecham, recommended that extreme unction could be given to those suffering from “frenzy” and could even bring them a period of lucidity. See Councils and Synods, with Other Documents relating to the English Church, II: AD 1205–1313, ed. M. R. Cheney, 2 vols. (Oxford: Clarendon Press, 1964), 2:900ff; also [William Lyndwood], Lyndwood’s Provinciale: The Text of the Canons therein contained, reprinted from the Translation made in 1534, ed.

Geneva, 1613). The discussion of angels and demons occupies vol. 3, cols. 57–216, part 1, bks. 2–4. On Zanchi, see Christopher J. 2 (1984): 1–26. 2. Girolamo Zanchi in Jacob Verheiden, Praestantium aliquot theologorum, qui Rom. antichristum praecipue oppugnarunt, effigies (The Hague, 1602). Reproduced with permission from Balliol College, Oxford. ANGELS, DEMONS, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN 35 First, the reformers argued that angels existed as real substances, and not merely as metaphors for the dispositions of the will of God or of the human mind.

1, q. 2; also in bk. 1, dist. 37, pt. 1, art. 2. 61 Bullinger, Sermonum decades quinque, fol. 249r. 3, in Opera theologica, vol. 3, cols. 66–70. ANGELS, DEMONS, AND EVERYTHING IN BETWEEN 37 al guardian for each person was uncertain. 63 Kaspar Peucer (1525– 1602), in his Commentarius de praecipuis divinationum generibus (Commentary on the Principal Types of Divinations), likened the belief in a good and evil angel attending each person to the classical pagan belief in “genii” or tutelary spirits.

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