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More women began to join the colony as well. The Virginia Company would send an unmarried woman to any planter who wanted a wife in return for 150 pounds (68 kilograms) of prime tobacco. The creation of families gave the settlers more reason to stay. 31 Chapter 4 The Separation of the Puritans During the 16th century England began having religious conflicts as part of a movement throughout the Christian world called the Reformation. Some people criticized official church doctrine and wanted to separate completely from it.

The colony’s destiny began to change in 1613 with the introduction of a new crop, tobacco. In 1616, Pocahontas and her husband, Jamestown colonist John Rolfe, visited England as part of a Virginia Company effort to raise funds to enlarge its colonies in North America. 30 The introduction of tobacco to Jamestown can be credited to one Jamestown colonist, John Rolfe. Rolfe is also famous for marrying a young Powhatan woman named Pocahontas. Rolfe brought seeds of a mild strain of tobacco from the West Indies, and crossed them with native tobacco seeds, creating a new variety.

The royalty granted private companies charters to form settlements, first in Virginia and later in New England. The investors’ main interest was in trading furs and skins. Investors paid the costs of establishing a colony by buying stock in the company at 12 pounds (about $62 in gold) per share. 29 The survivors were about to abandon Jamestown when a new ship arrived carrying several hundred men and a new leader, Lord de la Warr. Both he and his successor, Sir Thomas Dale, imposed strict military discipline.

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