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By Margaret Weis

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ISBN-13: 9780786937424

[/b]The paperback variation of the hole name in a brand new trilogy from Dragonlance atmosphere co-creator Margaret Weis takes up the place the battle of Souls sequence left off with the primary personality Mina. whereas following her tale, this new trilogy additionally explores the chaos that's post-war Krynn. this is often Weis’s first solo trilogy within the Dragonlance world.

AUTHOR BIO: MARGARET WEIS is the writer of various Dragonlance novels, a lot of them co-written with Tracy Hickman or Don Perrin, together with the manhattan instances best-selling struggle of Souls trilogy. She is additionally the writer of The Soulforge and the big name of the mum or dad novels and the fashion designer of many Dragonlance roleplaying items, together with the Dragonlance Campaign Setting.

Margaret’s newest identify is Mistress of Dragons from Tor Books.

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He could readily guess how eagerly the scientist-sorcerers of the clan had been waiting to study the dwarf airship and learn its secrets. Such a weapon would have been a potent addition to the arsenal of the Under-Empire and a monstrous boost to the prestige and power of Clan Skryre. “We are not here to whine about the past,” a shrill, sharp voice interrupted. Thanquol tried to identify the voice, shuddering as he decided it might be that of Packlord Verminkin, overlord of Clan Moulder and its obscene science.

There was no hint of the room behind the glass, so frosted with age and neglect was the window. Only those who had been inside could tell what the place housed. The curious would have been disappointed. Theodor was when he had first opened the heavy oak door set in the wall beside the window. He pulled an iron key from his belt and fitted it into the door’s lock. There was a trick to working the key, a system of half-turns that had to be precisely worked to open the door. As it creaked inward on its hinges, Theodor found his nose filled with the musty smell of the building.

Thanquol did not find the subdued fear of his grim escorts comforting. He wondered how many of those summoned to the chambers of the Council ended up in the monster’s craw. The rat ogre’s immense paw closed around an enormous club with a head of grotesquely carved warpstone. To Thanquol’s awed gaze, it looked as if the brute held an entire tree in its claws. He could imagine the weapon smashing down, pulverising whatever it struck into a gooey smear on the floor. The grey seer took a few nervous steps back, ensuring at least a few of the stormvermin were closer to the beast than he was.

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