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Algebraic geometry has consistently been an ec1ectic technology, with its roots in algebra, function-theory and topology. except early resear­ ches, now a couple of century previous, this pretty department of arithmetic has for a few years been investigated mainly via the Italian university which, by means of its pioneer paintings, according to algebro-geometric equipment, has succeeded in increase a majestic physique of data. relatively except its intrinsic curiosity, this possesses excessive heuristic worth because it represents a vital step in the direction of the trendy achievements. a definite loss of rigour within the c1assical equipment, in particular in regards to the principles, is essentially justified by way of the artistic impulse published within the first levels of our topic; an identical phenomenon should be saw, to a better or much less volume, within the ancient improvement of the other technological know-how, mathematical or non-mathematical. at least, in the c1assical area itself, the principles have been later explored and consolidated, mostly by way of SEVERI, on traces that have often encouraged additional investigations within the summary box. approximately twenty-five years in the past B. L. VAN DER WAERDEN and, later, O. ZARISKI and A. WEIL, including their faculties, proven the tools of contemporary summary algebraic geometry which, rejecting the c1assical restrict to the advanced groundfield, gave up geometrical instinct and undertook arithmetisation less than the turning out to be effect of summary algebra.

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SEGRE in [9]. Finally the c1assical notion of a linear system on a surface which is complete relatively to a set of points, either ordinary or infinitely near {see ZARISKI [aJ, p. 29}, has been extended to higher varieties by VAN DER WAERDEN in [10J by means of valuation theory, in such a manner as to satisfy the fundamental condition of being a birationally invariant notion. IV. The Geometrie Genus 1. The Adjoint Forms We now give an aeeount of the classical theory of the geometrie genus for a variety defined over the complex lield, following a reeent exposition by SEVERI {see SEVERI [35]}: later on we shall give a treatment of the same subject, over any field k, from a different standpoint {see (IV,4)}.

3* 36 IV. The Geometrie Genus Consequently we observe that almost alt the elements of any ample linear system are not singular. We eonclude by reealling the following useful eriterion for ampleness: (vi) The minimal linear sum 01 an amp'te system and any other system, without lixed components and base points, is ample. Moreover the system IC m - XI, (X > 0), is certainly ample il m is greater than the degree 01 the positive cycle X {see KODAIRA [5J, p. 91}. The former assertion follows immediately from the definitions, and the latter by eonsidering (with SEVERI) the eones of the ambient spaee of V whieh project X and eut on V elements of L: we see at onee that on our hypotheses ICm - XI has no fixed eomponents or base points.

For an account of these proofs see ZARISKI [aJ, p. 17. The most satisfactory proof was that of WALKER [IJ, based 26 111. Linear Systems on funetion-theorethie methods: afterwards classieal suggestions of SEVERI and ALBANESE were eombined in a new attempt at a classical proof by Du VAL in [2]. New eomplements and viewpoints on the general problem were eontributed by DERWIDUE [1, 2, 3] and by B. SEGRE [11, 13]. Finally we quote the interesting program of ZARISKI in [22]. III. Linear Systems 1. Divisors {See SAMUEL [c], p.

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