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In September 1930, the "New York occasions" released an inventory of the clergy whom Rabbi Stephen clever thought of 'the ten greatest spiritual leaders during this state. ' The checklist integrated 9 Christians and Rabbi Henry Cohen of Galveston, Texas. Little-known this present day, Henry Cohen was once a rabbi to be reckoned with, a guy Woodrow Wilson known as 'the finest citizen of Texas' who additionally inspired the likes of William Howard Taft and Clarence Darrow.

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12. 3–7 from de uirt. et uit. ) 13 on Hannibal (from Suidas and de uirt. , de uirt. , and Suidas) clearly link with Philopoemen's death. P. must have put all three deaths in the same year. Next follow three passages evidently from res Graeciae of this same [15] year. 15. ) condemning the destruction of trees and agricultural installations seems to be a criticism of Lycortas' ravaging of Messenia (cf. xxiv. 2. 3; Plut. Philop. 21. 1); 16. 1–13 (de legat. ) is on the capitulation of Messenia; and 17.

Sulpicius of accusations against Eumenes), is probably the first from this book (see above, p. 33); 6. ), commenting on this, goes naturally here. The sending of C. Sulpicius is mentioned in 1. 6 (from de legat. ); hence 1. 2–8 must be from res Italiae of the same year (Ol. 154, 1 = 164/3). 2. 1–14 and 3. 1–5 from the same excerpts also record embassies to Rome, apparently from the same winter. There could be a year's interval between 1. 2–8 and 2. 1–14; but this is unlikely, for in 3. 5 Ariarathes' envoys are said to have been well received because of Ti.

26 is probably following P. in praising Gracchus' vigour, it is likely that P. recorded his campaigns under res Hispaniae of this year. However, Schulten (Hermes, 1911, 573) has shown convincingly that Strabo mentioned P. 's book xxxiv), or had it direct from P. (whom in book iii he quotes only from book xxxiv and not from the Histories generally), in either case, the implication is that 1. 1–2 belongs to book xxxiv, where P. discusses the towns of Celtiberia (cf. xxxiv. 9. 1 It is clear from the Polybian section of Livy, xl.

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Aer.Macchi C.202, 1941-1942

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