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This is a instruction manual on easy methods to practice sacred ceremonies within the culture of Goddess spirituality in one's own residence with traditional home items. An annual cycle of celebrations is incorporated, as is suggestion on tips on how to organize an altar and use basic instruments. the writer, a practitioner of Wicca (witchcraft), expounds the life-affirming, eco-feminist values of that culture. feedback for rituals and concepts for inventing one's personal are given. Poetry and benefits mix in a name which helps party of the Goddess photograph in everyday life. those rituals are own, relocating rites which have fun love and peace, and which act as meditations for contemplating new rituals, outdated traditions, and the process women's lives.

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Paperback: 320 pages
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ISBN-10: 0850303737
ISBN-13: 978-0850303735
Product Dimensions: 7. eight x five. 1 x 1 inches

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That was the purpose of the little ritual you did earlier in this chapter. Carried to extremes, of course, even the grandest ritual can also dig us more deeply into our ruts, and that’s why we need to remember the sacred sense of ritual. Instead of ruts, rituals can create paths. Did you learn to close your eyes and fold your hands when you pray, and do you still do so? That’s one ritualistic element of worship. So is the order of service at a church or temple. You always know pretty much what is going to happen and when, whether you’re attending High Holy Mass, a Pentecostal revival, or a Bar Mitzvah.

Select photos of your mother, your aunts, your grandmothers, great aunts, great grandmothers, as many female ancestors as you can find. If you can’t find photos, select artifacts—an antique silver spoon, a cameo broach, a crumpled ribbon, a hankie, a quilt. ” Line these photos or mementos up in front of you either on a table or simply on the floor and, for a few minutes, think about what they represent. Can you visualize this long line of female relatives? What are the countries of your origins?

Feel the energy of the things around you rising and joining the candlelight. Feel this energy flowing into every cell in your body. You can open your eyes and read the following blessing or tape it beforehand and listen to it. You can also use it as a model to write your own words of blessing. I bless myself and these things around me these things that make the circle of my life. I bless myself and my past For in blessing my past and these things that I bring from ages past I become who I am now.

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