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In September 1930, the "New York occasions" released a listing of the clergy whom Rabbi Stephen clever thought of 'the ten leading spiritual leaders during this nation. ' The checklist incorporated 9 Christians and Rabbi Henry Cohen of Galveston, Texas. Little-known this day, Henry Cohen used to be a rabbi to be reckoned with, a guy Woodrow Wilson known as 'the most efficient citizen of Texas' who additionally inspired the likes of William Howard Taft and Clarence Darrow.

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Close quarters that missing Firing was done on some ships by flint locks, but these missed so often that the priming quill was more popular. This was a split quill, full of powder, inserted The cartridge had already in the touch-hole of the gun. been punctured by a sharp wire thrust through the touchhole, so that when a slow match in the hands of the captain of the gun touched off the powder in the quill, All the the discharge followed almost instantaneously. men were assigned to the guns of one broadside, a large crew to each gun, every man of whom had a definite duty In case a ship had to fight both broadsides at once, half the crew of each gun ran to the corresponding gun on the opposite side.

Only ; BlDDLE AND BARRY IN AMERICAN WATERS While Jones was thus winning honors in British waters, the ships at home could accomplish little against the tre mendous British Navy. But some of our captains, like Biddle and Barry, in deserve a losing mention On for their heroic the struggles game. 32-gun frigate Randolph, the first of the thirteen frigates built by Congress, Captain Nicholas Biddle fought in West Indian waters the British 64-gun ship-of-the-line Yarmouth. After an hour s hard fighting, a shot from the Yarmouth exploded the Randolph s magazine and blew her to frag ments.

Taken into Algiers as slaves. general at Paris, than $10,000 in presents, with no annual tribute for the and it was hoped that some equally good treaty future might be made with Algiers. ; The capture of the Maria and the Dauphin, how complicated the situation because, in addition to the cost of a treaty, the prisoners would have to be ransomed on whatever terms the Dey of Algiers chose. ever, It was soon evident that he was in no hurry to conclude a treaty with America, for the prospect of preying on the shipping of a weak nation was highly attractive.

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