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As a byproduct of historic improvement, there are diverse, unrelated platforms of nomenclature for "inorganic chemistry", "organic chemistry", "polymer chemistry", "natural items chemistry", and so on. With each one new discovery within the laboratory, in addition to every one new theoretical notion for a chemical, the traces that frequently have separated those "distinct" subsets of subject constantly develop extra blurred. This loss of uniformity in characterizing and naming chemical compounds raises the communique problems among otherwise proficient chemists, in addition to different scientists, and vastly impedes growth. With the set of identified chemical substances numbering over 42,000,000 (in Chemical Abstracts' information base) and consistently becoming (about 2,000 new additions each day), the desirability for a unified approach for naming all chemical compounds concurrently grows. furthermore, so one can meet the necessities of disparate teams of scientists, and of society normally, the identify assigned to a given chemical may still, not just uniquely describe that substance, but in addition could be part of a without difficulty recognizable order for the full box. For those reasons, a topology-based "bi-parametric" method of nomenclature is herein proposed.- during this publication, a brand new nomenclature process is proposed- the hot nomenclature is appropriate to a 3 dimensional global, and is internally constant- This nomenclature unifies ALL branches of chemistry, elimination the necessity for numerous almost immediately latest units of principles"

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In the proposed systemic nomenclature, for example, the longest chain in methane is 3 atoms long; consequently, the coding (name) that describes this chain starts from one terminal atom, lists the bond order of the bond connecting it to the second atom of the chain, then the symbol of the second atom, etc. , 31 H1C1H (1) Before describing how the remaining two hydrogen atoms are attached to this longest chain, observe that selected entire molecules (those that are strictly linear in the graph theoretical sense) can be nomenclated in an identical manner.

Nevertheless, 32 Fig. 12. A traditional example of an acyclic carbon compounds and its IUPAC name: 3(2-propynyl),5-methenyl-oct-1,2-diene,6-yne IlCia: ( 3 ) (lF); ( 3 ) (lH) (5) Observe that the systemic nomenclature being developed is a strictly analytic, vs. a synthetic, one. [89] Next, Figure 12 is an example wherein the fiat of the IUPAC name is, at best, arcane. In IUPAC organic nomenclature, priority is given to chains which have the largest number of multiple (double and triple) bonds, even when there are longer chains with fewer multiple bonds.

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