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By Constantin C. Giurescu

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22 Paul of Aleppo In The Travels of Macarius, ed. C. Belfour, vol. II, London, 1836, p. 396. " The memorial drawn up in 1697 by Nicolò de Porta, an Austrian official who, in 1694, had been in the service of Moldavia's Prince Constantin Duca, is most instructive. He wrote : "The country is covered by vast forests ; between the forests small boroughs and villages are scattered, and if there are any boroughs and villages in the flat plain, they are surely in the vicinity of a forest where the peapk, seek reuge and where they bury their provisions, tools and everything they possess.

Up to the beech... by way of the leafless po- plar... up to the Secarä beech... along the Cherry-tree valley... to the Slcarä apple-tree... up to the alders... "" In old documents forests are often elements whereby the site of a village is delimited. A village is said to be "close to the forest" or "in the riverside copse" or "next to the coppice," etc. We will give a few examples to illustrate the above. "" On 16 March 1490, Stephen the Great bought for 500 Tartar zlotys from Harman's heirs "a village named Voitin where the house of their father Härman and of their uncle Iatco had been, at the place where the Voitin rivulet emerges from the forest and the glades, 24 Academy, Documents, CCCLXXI/222.

Dobrudja. We could not find the exact location of the pine forest from which the people of Histria got material for their torches", but we suppose it to have been on the Begtepe hills ", or possibly on one of the high banks in the Delta levees. On the other hand, information is available regarding forests of a later date on Delta levees and the high forest in northern Dobrudja. On the map of " Hurmuzaki, Documents, Supplement I. vol. II, p. 186. 82 See Giurescu, Prince Cuza, p. 120-121. " Academy, Cuza Archives, vol.

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