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This is often the second one of 8 volumes at the historical past of Greece, first released in 1836. The volumes have been geared toward audiences: these those who sought after greater than a superficial wisdom of the topic, yet didn't have the time or ability to check the unique assets, and those that had entry to the traditional authors, yet required a consultant or interpreter. the second one quantity considers the heritage of Attica to the expulsion of the Pisistratids, the Greek colonies, the development of paintings and literature, the affairs of the Asiatic Greeks to 512 BCE, and occasions from the accession of Darius to the battles of Marathon and Salamis. the ultimate bankruptcy takes the background to the tip of the Persian invasion. This ebook can be of curiosity to researchers and scholars of old background.

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The genos, or house, was again made up of thirty gennetes, or heads of families, the last elements of the whole body, amounting therefore in the whole to 10,800 persons. It is however by no means certain that these numbers, which were evidently adopted for the sake of symmetry, perhaps with reference to the parts of the year, and certainly were not the result of any exact account taken of the population, included the whole body of citizens. We find mention of a class of Athenians, who were not comprehended in any of the numbered families 3 ; and it has been conjectured with some probability that they were entitled to be admitted into the phratries as vacancies occurred, without however being debarred in the mean time from the other rights of citizenship.

33 It is probable that the wiser nobles now regretted the blind eagerness with which their ancestors abolished the regal dignity, under which they might perhaps still have retained their power, even if they had been compelled to exercise it with greater moderation. The people in general felt the need of a leader, and would have preferred even the despotic rule of one man to the tyranny of their many lords. As Solon's established reputation pointed him out as the person most capable of remedying the disorders of the state, so he united all the qualities which could fit him for coming forward as the protector of the commonalty without exciting the fears of the nobles.

On (Ol. vii. 1. B. C. ). * His predecessors were Charops, iEsimedes, Clidicus; he was succeeded by Leocrates, Apsander, and Eryxias. Creon. the first annual archon, enters upon his office B. C. 684. O;. XMV Btztrikti;. Wachsmuth suspects with great probability that the title had never been dropped. 5 HohifiKzxos (commander-in-chief). CHAP. XI. CIVIL HISTORY OF ATTICA. 17 the guardian who watched over its security in time of peace. Connected with this character of his office was the jurisdiction he possessed over strangers who had settled in Attica under the protection of the state, and over freedmen.

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