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Over a interval of forty years, God gave Mary okay. Baxter visions of hell and commissioned her to inform all to decide on lifestyles. this is an account of where and beings of hell, contrasted with the glories of heaven. it's a reminder of the necessity each one folks has for the miracle of salvation. To Kathryn From Jesus -- 1 Into Hell thirteen -- 2 Left Leg of Hell 21 -- three correct Leg of Hell 37 -- four extra Pits forty nine -- five Tunnel of worry sixty one -- 6 task in Hell sixty seven -- 7 stomach of Hell seventy seven -- eight Cells in Hell eighty one -- nine Horrors of Hell 89 -- 10 middle of Hell 103 -- eleven Outer Darkness a hundred and fifteen -- 12 Horns 121 -- thirteen correct Arm of Hell 129 -- 14 Left Arm of Hell 137 -- 15 Days of Joel 143 -- sixteen heart of Hell 147 -- 17 battle within the Heavens 157 -- 18 Open Visions From Hell 163 -- 19 Jaws of Hell 173 -- 20 Heaven 185 -- 21 fake faith 191 -- 22 Mark of the Beast 195 -- 23 go back of Christ 199 -- 24 God's ultimate Plea 203 -- 25 Visions of Heaven 205 -- 26 Prophecy From Jesus 211 -- remaining phrases 213 Over a interval of 40 days, God gave Mary ok. Baxter visions of hell and commissioned her to inform all to settle on lifestyles. this is an account of where and beings of hell contrasted with the glories of heaven. it's a reminder of the necessity every one folks has for the miracle of salvation

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The fire clung to her hands, and dead flesh kept falling off as she dug. Tremendous sobs shook her. " As we watched, she finally got to the top of the pit with her feet. I thought she was going to get out when a large demon with great wings that seemed to be broken at the top and hung down his sides ran to her. His color was brownish black, and he had hair all over his large form. His eyes were set far back into his head, and he was about the size of a large grizzly bear. The demon rushed up to the woman and pushed her very hard backward into the pit and fire.

He would not listen to My call. Others were also killed in the accident. Satan's work is to kill, steal and destroy. If only this young man had listened! It is not the Father's will that any perish. Satan wanted this man's soul, and he destroyed it through carelessness, sin and strong drink. " If people could only see that the lusts and desires of the world are only for a season! If you come to the Lord Jesus, He will deliver you from strong drink. Call on Jesus, and He will hear you and help you.

You judged the outside of a person, without regard to the fact that many were children in the faith. You were very hard. "Yes, you said you loved Me with your lips, but your heart was far from Me. You knew the ways of the Lord and you understood. You played with God, and God knows all things. If you had sincerely served God, you would not be here today. " Jesus turned to me and said, "Many in the last days will depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits and will serve sin. Come out from among them, and be separate.

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