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By Joan Borysenko

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Joan Borysenko explores the ways that mysticism can input into your lifestyles. You don't need to climb a mountain or trek via Nepal to event a magical second; what you do need to research is to be absolutely found in your daily life and to open up the extreme within the mundane. This publication teaches readers the best way to do that of their lives.

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In the ecological sphere, idolatry appears as lived-body centeredness, the misplaced absoluteness of the Earth expressed as environmentalism and objectification. Although there are several forms of vertical givenness, this work is concerned with just one kind of vertical givenness, namely, epiphany and its countervailing movements of idolatry. Phenomenology and Mysticism treats the dimension of human experience that is opened up by this kind of givenness and is therefore devoted to a phenomenology of religious experience.

I would further add that, as we will also see below, mystical experiences are in no way limited to experiences of union, and moreover, union is not even the point of the mystics’ lives; rather, it consists in service to God, the redemption of the world, and the participation in establishing loving and justice. We lose the distinctiveness of mystical experiences when we run all spiritualities, traditions, and religious experiences together; we fail to appreciate the radical nature of self-abandonment, the moral rigor required for spiritual and material nonattachment, the unique demands placed on a life oriented in this way (and not just occasionally) that affords little time for squander or pause—and all this without any guarantee that something will come of it.

From the philosophical/mystical anthropology I am tracking here, persons as absolute cannot be given with the relativity of objects. Even though they are inaccessible as objects, persons are immediately and directly given in a way that cannot be subsumed under object-givenness, and this holds above all for the Holy. Meaning on this level cannot be negotiated between the experiencer and the experienced (cf. chapter 5). 36 The Religious and Mystical Shape of Experience One can certainly submit an experienced presence, the givenness of the Holy in the form of “prayer,” “ecstasy,” or “unveilings” to interpretation.

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