100 Great Brits: A Rhyming History from Bede to Beckham by JAMES MUIRDEN PDF


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Jane Austen's scalpel disinters the explanations of her characters, and even though her age is so distant, her insights strike a contemporary observe. At Winchester you will find her bones; her books are all in Waterstone's. Alfred the good, Robert the Bruce, Francis Drake, Christopher Wren, Elizabeth Fry, Isambard nation Brunel, Emmeline Pankhurst, Ernest Shackleton, Agatha Christie, J. ok. Rowling...What do all of them have in universal? they are all nice Brits, and their works and achievements are celebrated in captivating verse besides many extra during this enjoyable e-book. Muirden has regaled us earlier than with rhyming romps via British historical past. Now he offers us with ''100 nice Brits''; witty and erudite, this is often the proper reward to light up and amuse

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What sun exceeds its season without setting? What protean spring engendered play on play (whose plots were rarely of your own begetting)? Whose voice was it, that only you could hear? What quill divine guided your human hand? How can your words speak to the present ear in sounds sublime, that we still understand? Had we but half the harvest of his mind, we should esteem our William no less well; and that is all we could expect to find, but for the pains of Heminge and Condell. 1 1 John Heminge and Henry Condell collected up his 18 unpublished plays, and printed all his works (apart from Pericles) in the First Folio of 1623.

I’ll try! Suppose we wish to multiply 100 x 1000, say, using the logarithmic way... e. its logarithm must be 3. 1 So logarithmic calculation involves less mental perspiration: to get two numbers multiplied you add their logs; or to divide, you take one of their logs away, which basically is child’s play. Well, that’s the best that I can do to rhyme John Napier’s method. Phew! His Rods or Bones I’ll also mention (you may have heard of this invention). This second calculating trick required lengths of bone or stick inscribed with numbers, side by side; once more, this method multiplied by adding up!

If the Nation’s to cope, there is only one hope – to abandon our selfish desire, and agree from now on that autonomy’s gone. So a Ruler is what we require. 1 His theory of government is set out in Leviathan, 1651. indd Sec17:47 25/07/2007 11:26:25 100 GREAT BRITS This Ruler’s ambition will improve our condition – or so our reformer maintains... If the State becomes greater, then sooner or later we’ll all share the material gains! But what, you may say, if he’s carried away, and authority goes to his head?

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100 Great Brits: A Rhyming History from Bede to Beckham by JAMES MUIRDEN

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